Shannon Hall



 I’m the breaking news editor for the Louisville Courier Journal, where I stay late into the late to make sure none of our Kentucky politicians tweet something important (or at least something we should write about). 

I also love elections (like most journalists). But I send out our questionnaires and create stories that help inform our readers as much as possible. 


I was previously a digital producer where I like to make the website “pretty.” I made sure all headlines looked engaging and 

Before coming to Louisville, I’ve worked in Evansville, Indiana, and Lafayette, Indiana, as a reporter.  I’ve written A LOT about trash and recycling collection. People care so much about trash, and I like to think I’m a trash and recycling expert. 


I firmly believe it’s important to read if you want to write for a living. So my goal every year is to read 100 books. This year … I’m behind per usual. I’ve recently gotten into celebrity audio books – it’s not something I would like to read but hearing them read their stories is much more enjoyable to me. Plus it’s a good way to disconnect. 


First thing you should know, I was in band in high school. No, I wasn’t great. Yes, I played clarinet. Yes, I’ve heard most, if not all, band camp jokes. 

I’m a huge fan of music from movies or TV shows. If I hear something I like, I immediately look it up and add it to my playlist. 

I recently read this quote and it is now forever engraved in my head:

I’m not a fan of no background sounds. So often while writing, I want to listen to something- but if it had words, I either got caught up in what they were signing/saying and procrastinated like the pro I am – or wrote down what they were saying in the story. 

So instead of listening to songs with words, I listened to movie soundtracks. And Hans Zimmer (who has only won an Oscar for The Lion King!!!) is the best of the best.