Lincoln Estates management assisting outgoing residents

PUBLISHED: June 2, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter

Only a third of Lincoln Estates apartments will be occupied after about 40 residents depart and management is not leasing any apartments for the next few months.

Jeff Wilhite, the attorney for Lincoln Estates, said he expects low occupancy at Lincoln Estates because the housing complex won’t accept new residents for at least a few months. It recently sent notices to about 40 residents stating they would have 30 days before moving out. The notices worried friends and family so much that it was the only topic they wanted to hear about during one of the mayor’s traveling town halls.

When the manager — Mindy Hedrick — took over in January, she said about half the residents hadn’t paid rent for at least a few months. Hedrick told the Courier & Press on Thursday that she spends 95 percent of her time helping renters, who haven’t paid rent to find new places to live.

“I sort of have a big heart,” she said.

Right now, Lincon Estates owners — City Pointe Evansville LLC — plans to add 200 LED lights outside, 24 night and day security cameras in addition to the privacy fence now surrounding the property and gates at the entrances.

“Eventually, we’re going to upgrade the whole property,” Wilhite said.

Wilhite said the apartments will be market prices, but he’s not sure what that means.

“It could be low market, middle market or high market, we don’t know,” he said Thursday. “I’ve heard no plans to stop vouchers.”

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