Zaxby’s employee receives anonymous gift card

PUBLISHED:  Aug. 31, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter

NEWBURGH — The Newburgh Zaxby’s had been open for one day. And it already experienced at least one wonderful customer.

636410687353037160-21728170-1911713392485360-8423715964595825439-n.jpgA woman stopped by the newly opened restaurant last week and one of the store’s employees, Noah White, held open the door for her. While the two exchanged a few words, the woman noticed his shoes had “seen better day.”

“It was his first day,” said April Cole, a Zaxby’s district manager. “I told all the employees that I don’t expect them to go out and buy all new work pants and shoes before we get them their first paychecks, so I told them to wear whatever they had.”

After the woman finished her lunch, she left. But she returned a little while later and gave a $50 gift card to the manager for White to buy a new pair of work shoes.

“It was one of the nicest things,” Cole said. “I literally cried for 30 minutes.”

White didn’t hesitate to use card for work shoes.

“He had to special order the shoes so he didn’t have them the next day,” Cole said. “And he was like, ‘I promise I bought the shoes, I have the receipt.'”

The Newburgh Zaxby’s Facebook posted the story Wednesday and as of Friday had more than 6,000 reactions and 1,000 shares.

“If you are the person who ‘paid it forward,’ Noah would like you to stop by in so that he can say thank you in person,” the Facebook post reads. “If you decided to remain anonymous, then accept his (and our) thank you here.”

Click HERE for live link.

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