About Me


Why, hello.

Anyone looking for a fun, passionate reporter, who loves all the animals? Good thing you found me. I’m Shannon and I work for USA Today Network. I’ve just moved to Louisville for a digital producer job, which is a new job title for me. But I’m pretty pumped about it.

I have a cat named Vin to help entertain me. I’m more a dog person, but Vin is just super chill. I also have a dog named Nora. The two love each other so much – but boy, do they get in play-fights – all. the. time.

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, and I do it as much as I can. My grandma live in Montana, and it’s one of the best places (there’s no humidity, guys!). I think it’s important to experience different areas of the country.

I’m also a professional Netflix binge watchers, as I assume everyone else is. But I have been working on the Netflix addiction. My goal the past three years was to read 100 books in a year. I haven’t made it, but I keep trudging along. I think 2020 will be the year.

But like I said, news is my life. I’m a news junkie, hopefully like all other journalists, but I tend to find stories even when I’m not looking for them and try to start on them immediately.

I’m a huge fan of local elections. It’s one of my favorite things to cover and to watch. I helped organize a public forum and two debates that were live-streamed. Too. Much. Fun. Honestly, I loved doing it.