EVSC sees thousands in unpaid school lunch balances

PUBLISHED: Aug. 12, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter

EVANSVILLE — The EVSC sees thousands of dollars in unpaid school lunch balances at the conclusion of every school year.

The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation had more than $18,000 in unpaid student lunches at the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Continue reading “EVSC sees thousands in unpaid school lunch balances”

Tinkering with time: 94-year-old still fixing watches

PUBLISHED: Aug. 28, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter

BOONVILLE — Ralph Hutchinson has been blessed with time.

Time to spend with with his family. Time free of war. And time to work on watches.

Ralph celebrated his 94th birthday Sunday, but just because he’s been given time doesn’t mean he takes it for granted. Continue reading “Tinkering with time: 94-year-old still fixing watches”

EPD: Officer-involved shooting suspect threatened to ‘kill some cops’

Shortly before he was shot and killed by police on Tuesday night, Daniel Wooters was allegedly inside TGI Fridays threatening to “kill some cops.”

Police identified Wooters, 38, on Wednesday. He was shot by three officers after he reportedly advanced toward them on Morgan Avenue with a knife after allegedly stealing a police cruiser and leading officers on a short chase across part of the city’s East Side commercial district, according to police. Continue reading “EPD: Officer-involved shooting suspect threatened to ‘kill some cops’”

Zaxby’s employee receives anonymous gift card

PUBLISHED:  Aug. 31, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter

NEWBURGH — The Newburgh Zaxby’s had been open for one day. And it already experienced at least one wonderful customer.

636410687353037160-21728170-1911713392485360-8423715964595825439-n.jpgA woman stopped by the newly opened restaurant last week and one of the store’s employees, Noah White, held open the door for her. While the two exchanged a few words, the woman noticed his shoes had “seen better day.” Continue reading “Zaxby’s employee receives anonymous gift card”

Woman arrested for reportedly driving drunk with kid in car

PUBLISHED: Sept. 15, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter

A woman was arrested Thursday night for allegedly driving drunk with her 15-year-old son in her car.

Tricia D. Handley,46, was preliminary charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person less than 18 years old. Continue reading “Woman arrested for reportedly driving drunk with kid in car”

Warrick Election Board considers more early voting locations


PUBLISHED: March 30, 2017


BOONVILLE — Warrick County voters may see more options for early voting next year.

The Warrick County Election Board is considering adding early voting locations instead of having a single location to vote early — which in the past has been the Election Office at the Judicial Center.

“I suggested at our meeting (last week) to move early voting to another location,” said Patty Perry, Warrick County clerk and Election Board secretary. “We are currently looking at libraries or anywhere that might have internet access.”

Continue reading “Warrick Election Board considers more early voting locations”

25-year-old woman charged with child molesting

PUBLISHED: Sept. 15, 2017


EVANSVILLE — A 25-year-old woman was charged with multiple counts of child molesting this week.

Keshia C. Warfield faces three different felony counts of child molesting after two children told their mother about the alleged abuse and they reported it to authorities.

One child at the house where Warfield temporarily lived told police that Warfield touched their genitals on top of their clothing, a second child said Warfield touched touched their genitals underneath the clothing. Continue reading “25-year-old woman charged with child molesting”

Fatal child neglect charge for Newburgh man

PUBLISHED: Sept. 19, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall & Tori Fater, Courier & Press reporters 

A Newburgh man accused of fatal child neglect in Warrick County has been arrested.

Thaddious Rice, 23, was taken into custody on a warrant Monday afternoon and is being held in Warrick County jail without bond.

He has been charged with murder and neglect of a dependent resulting in death in Warrick County in connection with the death of 10-month-old Jaxson Wheeler. The child neglect charge is a Level 1 felony – under Indiana law, the most serious felony level after murder. Continue reading “Fatal child neglect charge for Newburgh man”

Local woman offers haunted experiences

PUBLISHED: Sept. 20, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter 

Joni Mayhan has always been sensitive to spirits. It wasn’t always easy to have the spirits around her, especially as a child.

“It’s not all that I got into ghosts — ghosts kinda got into me,” she said.

She experienced interactions with ghosts throughout her childhood, but in the past 10 years or so, Mayhan started to embrace the spirits that come to her and began writing paranormal books she’s investigated. Continue reading “Local woman offers haunted experiences”

Hunting, painting, hiding … who knew rocks could be so fun?

Brooklynn Rohrscheib, 5, prepares her rocks for painting by covering with a white coat.

PUBLISHED: Sept.. 1, 2017

BY: Shannon Hall, Courier & Press reporter 

EVANSVILLE —Melissa Embry loves to go exercising walking along riverfront. But with her three-year son Colton, it can be a little challenging

She’s recently found a way to keep her son entertained — rock hunting. They found a painted rock on the Newburgh Riverfront a few weeks ago, and it’s been on ever since.

“It gives him something to do besides just complaining about walking,” Embry said.

Creative. Fun. Bonding time. Being outside. Exercise. Joy. For everyone. Continue reading “Hunting, painting, hiding … who knew rocks could be so fun?”