Digital projects


Videos have slowly become part of the journalism world. I never would have guessed how easy I can create a video and upload to all the social media channels with a click of a few buttons.

Point Zero Eight

In the fall of 2016, the Tri-State area lost five people due to drunk driving accidents. There have been several others throughout the year, but that fall was a tough one for the community. Reporters in the Courier & Press newsroom began asking why this kept happening, and we’re still not sure. So I began collecting drunk driving arrests since Feb. 1. There have been almost 120 people who have been arrested for drunk driving in Vanderburgh County. I documented each person arrested and their charges as well as following their court case. This site isn’t to shame anyone, but to get a better understanding about the process.

I got to talk about it a little on the Courier & Press podcast, Canvass, in April.

Election Center

I was part of the five-person election team at the Courier & Press where we wrote topic articles, provided bios of all the candidates as well as established independent debates and public forums for the 2016 election. Unfortunately, Indiana doesn’t have elections every year. (SAD)

Below is one of our debates for a state house seat.

Tristate Tornado

In 2005, the Evansville area experienced one of its worst tornadoes in its history. Twenty-five people were killed, most in a single mobile home complex. I took the reigns and lead the charge for the 10th anniversary coverage. I created a interactive map of each person who died in the mobile home park and included 911 calls.


So I have a map problem. I love them. They’re my favorite things to add to one of my stories for a digital kick.

I was the Warrick County reporter at the C&P, which is the largest/most populated county next to the Evansville-Vanderburgh area. And one of the first things I realized when I started was that access to daily crime information in Warrick County wasn’t easily available. In Evansville, the media is sent a daily log of incidents and the jail has probable cause affidavits readily available. That wasn’t the case in Warrick. So I began building relationships with the local law enforcement. Now we receive weekly incident logs from four law enforcement agencies in Warrick. And of course, I had to create a map. My co-worker has taken over it because she covers more crime, but it’s my baby.

I also built a map full of building permits, which I update less frequently. But it shows the new buildings that may pop up or any renovations or additions to current commercial buildings.

During the election, I’m in top map form. We have early voting locations, which are different than the ones we vote at on Election Day. So I created a map for that. And then of course another one for Election Day.

One of my favorite maps was the top 10 presidential contributing cities (of individuals) in Indiana for the presidential election. Evansville was 10th largest contributing city for Hillary Clinton and 8th largest for Donald Trump.